Creating the Visual identity and Design for the World's First Exercise App For Pets.
Meet Petfitness
Services Provided:
  • Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • UX Design
  • Protyping
Customisable workout app for pets, challenging the belief that all your pet needs is a walk. With the help of top vets, dog trainers, and medical doctors they created a fitness workouts library geared towards getting pets in shape and help with their well-being by combining different approaches from game to train.
"As an owner of a major fitness brand, I saw how saturated the market was. There's been an abundance of exercise programs for humans. However, since getting my dog Driggs a few years ago, I realized there was a lack of exercise information for dogs. I noticed a huge market of toy, supplement, and food brands for pets, but nothing specific to exercise itself. This really motivated me to shift my attention from fitness for humans to fitness for pets." Richie Allen
Create one of a kind app on the market focusing on a combination of strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, and mental training. An app with a fun and easy-to-follow exercise plan designed to improve the connection between the owners and their pets and made to fit your lifestyle be it based on activity levels, interests or goals.
Strategy & approach
Market Research
User Journey
Brand Identity
Adaptive Design
User Journey
Brand identity
Ui Components
UX Design
Interface Navigation
Speed and flexibility of the search within the platform by using filters to adapt to the dog’s behaviour, pause and recover the workout if needed.
Focus Area, Breed & Goals
Availability of smart filters to better account for the nuances in differentiating between the different breeds, age of the pet and goals.
Programs & Workouts
Extensive choice of customisable workouts and exercises within them, focuses and approaches
Client Portal
User's personal space within the app and the option to switch between sub-accounts to adjust in case of multiple pets
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